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Why Not Now?
Build an Online Business On Your Time and Your Terms

Turn Your Passion Into Purpose
… and Profit!

Think about what you truly love. The one thing you would do if you could do anything.

Now think about everything that’s keeping you from doing it. Your everyday responsibilities and obligations. The time and effort it will take to start something different and new. The possibility that it won’t work out.

Those doubts affect everyone, but what if you could get rid of them forever and do what you love starting today? What if you were unstoppable?

Influencer U, a new series from Sarah Robbins, shows you how to start and grow a business online – any business, no matter your niche. Whether you’re establishing a new career or working on a side hustle, Influencer U offers proven strategies for building a brand, attracting fans and followers, increasing referrals and traffic, and making money right away.

The world needs passion like yours, and your future fans are waiting to find you. Building your business online requires little overhead. There’s no need for big budgets, paid ads or publicists, and you can start right now.

It’s time to do what you’re meant to do.

Here We Grow!

The Tools for Building and Scaling Your Business Right Now

Influencer U is a seven-part course – seven video modules plus my seven-figure blueprint guide – to building a successful business + brand online! The guide is a “business bible” and worth the cost of the entire course! Together, the videos and guide show you how to replicate and build upon the strategies I used to turn a simple Facebook page for a side business into a seven-figure online empire. And how I built a second seven-figure business online with no start-up money. I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people and numerous entrepreneurs start businesses online, and I can help you do it, too.

When you sign up for Influencer U, you’ll receive lifetime access to the seven video modules, supporting resources and PDFs, along with a questions-and-answers document to guide you through each module and prepare you for the next one.

Through this transformative experience toolbox, you’ll discover:

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How to quickly profit on purely anything – build a brand no matter your niche or area of expertise

Find Customers Icon

Build a loyal following online by attracting and keeping new followers, fans, and customers

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How to market and network on the most popular social media platforms

Create Business Icon

Every strategic step toward creating an online empire, from brand-building to launching live

Monetize Icon

How to create unique products, price them, and launch them strategically

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Strategies for brand-building and social media that you can implement right away

Sarah is the real deal. She runs a flourishing multi-million-dollar business of her own and teaches others how to achieve their own success. Her training includes both high level strategies and day-to-day tactics that apply to any business.

Melissa Lynch
National Program Director, Boisset Wine Living at Home

It makes great sense to learn what to do from the best. Sarah Robbins is one of the greatest networkers in the world. I admire her tremendously. You will not learn from better.

John Milton Fogg
Author, The Greatest Networkers in the World

Are You Ready?

Influencer U Is normally $1,997, but you can get instant access today for just $997 and start building the business of your dreams right now!

Become an Influencer

Influencer U

Included Modules

  1. Brand Building – Learn how to identify your area of expertise and create a profitable business and brand surrounding it. You’ll learn how to identify and engage your ideal client, build your brand and aesthetics, that will become an extremely profitable asset to you!
  2. Social Media Strategy – Learn how to build a large following for FREE on social, that will later turn into a major profit source for you! Discover how to build a professional profile that will actually convert leads prior to posting—but also power posting ideas that will draw people TO YOU. You’ll discover how to attract your tribe and gain a great group of followers + fans online. And create content that converts to new sales + new leads. This translates into BIG BUSINESS.
  3. Video + Virtual – If you want to 10x your marketing efforts online you will want to tune in to this! Video + virtual events/launches/products are where it is at! Great introduction and promotional videos follow the same formula – the production elements must be on point and the message has to be clear and concise. In this module, discover how to increase engagement and move viewers to want to learn more about you.
  4. Million Dollar Blueprint – In this module, you’ll discover the simple strategy that can lead to unheard-of profits. The blueprint shows you how to take one piece of content and redistribute to multiple channels. The exact steps are lined out for you to build your empire, in less than one hour per week! This alone is worth the entire cost of the program!
  5. Freebies For Followers – To earn a lot, first you have to give a little. Learn how to create a high quality FREEMIUM opt in that will build not only your email list—but also your credibility. They know you. They like you. They trust you. This ensures that when you post an offer it will actually convert to opt ins, sales, clients, and customers. And guess what? Your freebie ensured you have their contact info so you can market to them!
  6. Products + Profit – You’re ready to prepare your first product! This module shows you the steps to take and the questions to ask before deciding exactly what that product should be. Step by step you’ll learn how to pick the right platform, create your product, price it properly, and most importantly launch it powerfully so you profit.
  7. Launch Live – You’ll see how profitable it can be to share your passion with others through product launches. I’ll make sure you’re using the best platform, teach you exactly how to launch your products strategically to your followers and fans, step-by-step, so you profit!

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Why Now?

The best investment you can make is one in yourself and your dreams. There’s no better time to begin making them come true.

What’s the risk?

Remember those doubts from before, about how you might not have the energy, time, or know-how to take on something new? Those are natural when it comes to any life-changing decision. The reward comes when the voice in your head saying “You can!” becomes louder than the one saying “You can’t”!

Let me amplify the cheerleader within you: You can! I’ve built majorly successful businesses online, part-time. I’ve helped countless others do it, and I can help you do it, too. You’re taking the first step, but I’m with you the rest of the way.

Risk is real. Doubts are natural. But the real risk is not doing what you know you were born to do. Your reward is waiting.


Q: How is INFLUENCER U different than the Network Marketing Inner Circle?

A: Influencer U is our newest program, hosted on a completely different site.

The Network Marketing Inner Circle is a weekly coaching program (+ monthly subscription) specific to rocking your network marketing business! If you’re in direct sales, we HIGHLY recommend this program as well so you can learn powerful prospecting strategies to supersize your sales + Rock your recruiting–and get Sarah’s system for building a billion dollar sales team in network marketing!

Influencer U is a one time-purchase designed for anyone, desiring to build any other online business (not specific to network marketing). Start and grow any business online – no matter your niche. Whether you’re establishing a new career or working on a side business, Influencer U offers proven strategies for building a brand, attracting fans and followers, increasing referrals and traffic, and making money online, right away.

Influencer U

Unlock Your Passion, Inspire Others, Build a Life of Purpose

Enhance Your Influence With:

  • Seven video modules that guide you through the process of creating a brand, building a following, and launching your product
  • Lifetime access to Influencer U includes videos and written materials that lead you on every step from brand building to launching live
  • Proven action steps that helped Sarah build two seven-figure businesses online and that you can use to see immediate profit
  • A following of fans and customers who support your ideas and products and lead to profit
  • Personal and professional fulfillment from starting the brand and business of your dreams
Register now while the introductory rate is still available (it’s going FAST!)